Computers have made great effect in our everyday life and thinking. When we speak about computer, we think only its physical look and how it is used but not how it will work. Computer education is one the most important subject if you compare this with current technological updates and demands of computer knowledge in various government and private sectors jobs. As you know that many developed countries are providing computer applications and high-quality IT infrastructure for schools. The goal of technological education is to make students better thinkers, creative and confident. That helps them in higher education and in life. Education play very important role in our life and career development.  

The Department of Computer Science has a vision and believes that Computer Science is a rapidly evolving discipline directly or indirectly affecting many other disciplines including Science and Engineering, Arts, Business, etc. In the college level students will learn C++ programming language which is the basic building block for other programming languages. In our college students are learning C++ along with SQL and HTML Programming to improve their Knowledge. Practical lab is also helpful to apply their classroom knowledge into practice.



Mr. Sunil Kumar H P.G.T, M.Sc. (Computer Science) Head of Dept
Mr. Rohith S N P.G.T, M.Sc. (Computer Science)