Business Studies is an introduction to the business world. It encourages one to think about how people start up business and why one might consider starting a business.

Business helps one to take a decision about savings and spending money.

Business studies is a part of commerce one cannot skip business as commerce is all about business and trade. This subject builds a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue higher studies and training in specialized areas such as Management, International Business, Marketing, Accounting, Communication etc. It also provides practical skills for those who wish to take job directly.

Business graduates are in high demand worldwide, business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern human society. Careers with a business degree and diverse and often highly paid and these assumptions are likely to be largely true.

Business studies paper in one of the important subjects in the commerce stream and has its practical implication in all walks of life. Business studies help one to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives a better understanding of the world of work.



Accountancy course has two distinct years to cover first year and second year. First year gives you foundation knowledge of business & Accounting. While the second year of accountancy course allows building a deeper understanding of more advanced accounting issued.

By the time one passes his exams you will have learned.

  • All kinds of basic entries.
  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Computerized accounting etc.


Practically every organization requires are accounting with accounting skills to help track of the day to day financial activities.

This accountancy will help to prepare for CPT which is an entrance test to get into CA field.



The word Statistics seems to have been derived from the Latin word  ‘Status’ or the Italian word ‘Statistique’ each of which means political state.

The word ‘Statistics’ conveys a variety of meaning to people. To some statistics is an imposing form of mathematics where as to others it suggests tables charts and figures commonly formed in newspapers, Journals, books, various reports, classroom lectures, TV etc. All most daily we are exposed to a wide assortment of numerical information which often has a profound impact on our lives.

Numbers play an essential role in statistics. They provide the raw materials of statistics. These materials must be processed to be useful, just as crude oil must be refined into petrol before it can be used by an automobile engine. The study of statistics involves methods of refining numerical information into useful forms.


Although statistics originated as a science of kings, there has been a phenomenal development in the use of statistics in several fields. Statistics is now regarded as one of the most important tools for taking decisions in the midst of uncertainty.

In the present century considerable development has taken place in the field of business, commerce, governmental activities and science. Statistics helps in formulating suitable policies,

Taking the case of business, not only has the magnitude of business considerably increased but growing size of business has made its problem more complex. Most of these problem are resolved in the light of actual information and hence the need for statistics.

Taking governmental activities there was a time when maintenance of law and order was considered to be the primary function of the government and policy of laissez – faire was supreme in the field of public policy. Today there is hardly any sphere in which the government has not entered with the enlargement of these functions of government the demand for statistics has also increased.

Statistics plays a vital role in every field of human activity. Statistics has important role in determining the existing position of per capita income, unemployment, population growth rate , housing, schooling, medical facilities in a country.

Now, statistics holds a central position in almost every field like Industry, Commerce, Trade, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Biology Psychology, Astronomy.


Ms. Shruthi Kumari
Head of Dept

Ms. Durgashree Rai N