Biology is the study of life. The basis of our very origin and existence on earth lies within the depths of the biological science. It enables us to understand the concepts of our life.
Biology is the study of compiled things that have the appearance of having been designed with a purpose. There is biology in everything even when you are feeling spiritual.
Bio- is like a software process. Our body is made up of trillion of cells, each governed by this process. You and I are walking around with this software running in our body.
Scope of biology is unlimited. An element of wonder is tagged with it. It ranges from the study of a minute cell to the entire ecosystem. It explains about the changes of human body. It provides answer to large scale problems of environmental concern. It shapes different careers. It helps in answering the fundamental questions about life. It also paves the way for scientific investigation.
Biology is one of the basic subject that each & everyone has to study. It helps in shaping the professional careers of every person- be it a doctor, chemist, engineer, environmentalist, nurse, scientist, teacher, psychologist, etc. Even the beauticians and beauty therapists need to learn & understand the basic importance of biology. Thus biology explores the secrets of health & life.

1. To equip the students with skills necessary for future employment in various scientifically related fields.
2. Motivating the students to take up the projects related to syllabus to enhance their knowledge.
3. Biological tour conducted for identification and study of various species of plants and animals.
4. Collection of various biological samples and specimens.
5. Preparation of herbarium by the students and their preservation in laboratory.
6. Encouraging the students to conduct seminars on prescribed topic.
7. Providing supportive study materials for both theory and competitive examinations.
8. To stimulate the interest in scientific inquiry and the diversity of living organisms.
9. Field visits to students to get the first hand practical exeriences.


Mrs. Pavithra N V ,
Head of Dept.
Mr. Prajwal P S
Mrs. Ashvitha