The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink

  • S.Eliot

In today’s globalizing world, English plays an eminent role and one needs to be acquainted with it, for universal sociability. Fortunately, it has acquired second place as official language in our country and given preference, as it is the only language which brought together people for common cause in the past and at present it’s the language of communication among the different people of different lingual background.

University curriculum has enforced it as a medium of instruction at college level. Its been taught as a main language along with other optional languages. At our Institution English literature is taught in CBSE and PUC Classes. More emphasis is laid on the communication and creative writing skills. In order to help our students to be chivalric in the society and in their career, we conduct Debate, Extempore, Panel discussion, Pictionary, discussions on current affairs Declamation, tablo, seminars etc. during our regular classes for the last 10 to 15 mins. We encourage our students to participate in various interschool competitions to enhance their communicative skills. They are the writers, editors and critics of our college magazine along with the editorial board.

English keeps all the members in our campus bonded as it is the only language common to all the people, coming from different linguistic background and that helps in augmenting the vocabulary of our students.


Mrs. Varsha Prashanth Head of Dept

Mr. Ashok