Physics is the KING of all sciences as it helps us to understand the way nature works. It’s all relative and connects the world.  It creates the foundation for all other natural sciences.  Physics is in every thing. It’s a backbone for any daily life. It is constantly us in our lives each and everyday. We might not realise it, but physics plays a vital role in our daily processes. If we focus on Physics, it alters throughout the universe and doesn’t maintain a uniform structure. It is not just something that’s placed on a blackboard or in a lab it’s all around us. It has the capability of playing a major role in finding solutions too many of the problems.

                Everyone in today’s world is sucked up especially in social media using smart phone, computers, tabs, laptops, etc. Along with this many other illustrations we can find like light, electricity, television, radio, machineries, working of vehicles, microchips, nanotechnology etc and the list go on. Without physics there would be no way to design and understand about all these. Whether we like or not, Physics affects us every second of the day. It plays an important role in health, economic development, education, communication system, energy and the environment.

        There is no end for Physics. With every passing day Physics has brought us to deeper levels of understanding nature. In fact our modern world is much more connected than in previous historical times.

 We at Sharada see to it that our students are well versed and connected with Physics in their day to day life. We are proud to declare our 100% result in board exams since the year of commencement of college section in our campus.

Our Department has nurtured two budding Scientists Mst Komal Hassan and Mst Adithya Bhargav, who bagged Gold Medal at the National level Science fair organised by Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science (IRIS) held at Ahmadabad in 2014; for inventing a machine using Nano-materials that can detect harmful gases in the environment. They also attended International science fair held in United States of America.


Mr. Pradeep Rai
P.G.T, M.Sc. (Physics)
Head of Department
Mr. Mahesh Prasad&
P.G.T,  M.Sc. (Physics)
Mrs. Chaitra M
P.G.T,  M.Sc. (Physics)